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12' x 6' x 4' Plastic Soccer Goal
Item No. NOS32440
Ultra-strong Structure: Specially designed PVC frame with patented 3D structural pipe construction is 30% stronger than common pipes in the market. Provides exceptional sturdiness and stability during soccer practice, capable of withstanding a heavy barrage of shots.
Quick 10-Minute Set-up: No tools or screws needed. Locking pins ensure security, and poles can be snapped into place quickly. Easy and hassle-free set-up in just 10 minutes saves you time.
Weather-Resistant and Durable: Constructed with high-grade PVC and waterproof materials, this soccer goal is the most durable in its class. The weather-resistant design allows it to be left outside all year round, making it perfect for consistent games and training.
Patented Quick-Clips Net System: The simple and time-saving net installation system allows for hassle-free attachment, similar to hanging curtains.
All-Weather Net: Premium PE net is waterproof and weather-resistant, protecting the soccer goal from sun damage and rot. Together with the durable PVC frame, it can be left out all season.
Ideal for Training and Games: This weather-resistant PVC soccer goal is perfect for consistent on-field training and games. It brings you a real soccer goal experience and is suitable for all soccer lovers, players, and coaches. Ideal for soccer camps and clubs.
  Product Data
Premium PVC Soccer Goal x 1
Heavy-duty Ground Pegs x 4
Large Net Clip x 17
Small Net Clip x 13
Quality Net x 1
Instruction x 1
Assembly Size: 12 x 6 x 4Ft (L x W x H)
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