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SMART PRO SPEED RADAR with 1 Traing Baseball
Item No. NIS29640
Ultimate Training Aid for Pitchers - Includes a hands-free speed radar and a baseball with finger placement markers, making it the perfect set of training aids for pitchers. Train like the pros with the pioneers of hands-free speed radar, and learn to throw four different pitches.
Features - The hands-free speed detector can measure speeds up to 199 km/h (150 mph) and has voice notifications, data storage, and a bright display. The included baseball is suitable for left- and right-handed pitchers and can be used to learn to throw four different pitches.
What's Included - This set includes a baseball speed radar, a pitch training baseball with a 9" circumference, a tripod for enhanced accuracy, a tuning fork, a silicone hammer (black), a flannel bag, and a handy carrying bag for transport and easy storage.
Practice Makes Perfect - The baseball has finger placement markers printed on it to show the proper grip for each pitch. Perfect for developing pitching skills and learning to throw four different pitches: 4-seam, 2-seam, curve, and slider.
Strike Out Hitters - Improve your timing and balance as a pitcher, and strike out more hitters by practicing with this speed radar and finger marker baseball combo.
Ideal for Recreational Use - This speed radar and baseball combo is also perfect for recreational use. Place it in a proper position and turn any area into a perfect party competition. Have fun with your friends and kids with this combo.
  Product Data
What's included?
Baseball Speed Radar x 1,
Pitch Training Baseball (measuring 9” circumference) x 1,
Tripod x 1,
Tuning Fork made with aluminum alloys x 1,
Silicone Hammer (Black) x 1,
Flannel Bag for tuning fork and hammer storage x 1,
Deluxe Carrying Case for baseball speed Radar storage x 1,
Instruction Manual x 1,
Radar Size: L4.5 x W6.7 x H6.3 inches,
Word Display: H2.1 inches,
Carrying Case Size: L5.3 x W7.8 x H6.1 inches,
Tripod Size: H3.9 inches
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