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4'Lacrosse Goal Radar Trainer
Item No. NIS29540
Must-have Training Set: Features folding-style goal, high-strength fiberglass poles, reinforced steel corners, and tough tetoron net for added durability. Hands-free speed radar accurately measures shot speed for various sports practice and improvement.
Portable and Easy Set-up: No tools required for instant set up, making it easy to practice anytime and anywhere. Highly accurate speed radar provides reliable performance for tracking progress and reaching personal best.
Solo Training Made Easy: Measure shot speed to track progress and improve performance. Speed recall function helps compare and aim for personal best, allowing players to take control of their training and become their own coach.
Ideal for Team Training: Valuable tool for tracking progress and helping each player reach personal best. Must-have for every lacrosse team for team training and pre-game warm-ups.
Most-Wanted Gift: The perfect gift for lacrosse players of all skill levels, providing everything needed for solo training sessions and pre-game warm-ups, and giving the gift of improved performance and an enhanced lacrosse experience.
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What's included?
Lacrosse Speed Radar x 1,
4 x 4Ft Lacrosse Goal x 1,
Tripod x 1,
Tuning Fork made with aluminum alloys x 1,
Silicone Hammer (Black) x 1,
Flannel Bag for tuning fork and hammer storage x 1,
Deluxe Carrying Case for speed radar storage x 1,
U-shaped Ground Peg x 4,
Instruction Manual x 1,
Radar Size: L4.5 x W6.7 x H6.3 inches,
Word Display: H2.1 inches,
Carrying Case Size: L5.3 x W7.8 x H6.1 inches,
Tripod Size: H3.9 inches
Lacrosse Goal Set Up Size: L4 x W4 x H4 Ft,
Lacrosse Goal Folded Size: L47 x W47 x H2.5 inches
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